Conservation is different from preservation. It means the active management of the environment to ensure that wildlife flourishes.  One of those key requirements is somewhere to breed. In the past when the little terns were being displaced off Great Yarmouth Beach the Great Yarmouth wildfowlers and the Great Yarmouth Naturalists got together to construct a nesting island on the Breydon Lumps, finished off with beach shingle to hopefully attract the Little Terns. Although the birds could often be seen fishing there they lacked the habit to nest.

tern-island-1Very much a joint effort with Wildfowlers and Naturalists, permission was gained from the local council to get shingle off the beach. This shingle was then ferried over in wildfowlers punts and boats.




The island was further managed to keep the sea twitch down and although it proved too up market for the little Terns common Terns and oyster catchers successfully breed on the island.



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