Due to the sometimes difficult environment in which wildfowling or duck shooting is carried out the greatest asset one can have (besides an understanding wife) is a trusty canine with a stout heart and a good nose. With a bit of training, the dog will face all weathers and rough conditions to retrieve your geese and ducks and is happy to do it all again 5 minutes later.

With such a worthy symbiotic relationship the only hurdle is that "training bit" and historically this is where the Gundog section comes in. This branch of the GYWCA has for many years offered assistance and guidance in gundog training, ranging from obedience through to field trails. 

The GYWCA Gundog section Charity Test  total raised for the Air Ambulance in the 2010/11 Charity day was £2945 plus a 25% gift aid bringing the total up to about £3500. 

2020 This Section of the Club is undergoing change in  organisers, information on training dates and training ground to follow ASAP !!!

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