The GYWCA has had a clay section dating back to the 1980's and probably before that going by some of the antique manual traps that were in their possession. Then it was a case of begging for and borrowing a farmer's field for a Sunday morning shoot with perhaps 10-12 people participating, on a good day.

In 2004, that all changed when the clay section organisers acquired permission from a local landowner to use a piece of woodland set in 200 acres of arable land. This gave the clay club a permanent and quality venue.

After a large amount of hard work, parts of the wood were cleared to provide access paths and shooting areas and the first shoot took place in August 2004.

Our then President, the late Basil Lee was keen to make the clay section a success and even when he was seriously ill would show interest in its development and

would shoot when possible, giving the best young shots a run for their money.

He was so pleased to see it all happen and it is a fitting tribute to his support and memory.

Since then, the clay section has gone from strength to strength, with all the manual traps being replaced by 8 auto machines which allow a full 40 bird sporting layout fully automated.

All this has happened with the support of GYWCA club members and over 40 clay section members attending regular monthly shoots on a Sunday morning.

With a purely social and family feel the Sunday morning shoots are a great opportunity for members and alike to swap wildfowling stories or to gentle rip each other on their shooting skills.

The venue is a great opportunity to introduce guests, beginners and young persons to one part of the shooting scene.

The relaxed feel is enhanced by the availability of hot bacon rolls etc and hot drinks, life savers on cold mornings or if you have that morning after feeling!

CARTRIDGES MUST BE FIBRE WAD, 12 gauge cartridges are always available where members bring your own please use FIBRE WAD AS WE WILL BE CHECKING.

The Clay Section officers would like to express there thanks to all members that help with the workload running a mornings shoot.

For Clay Section Application form Contact..... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any other enquiries

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