March 2015 members rubbish clear up on foreshore opposite Asda

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Reading a 1930's Norfolk note book I came upon the following:

The rule of Flotsam and Jetsam along the coast is quite clear. Goods floating on the sea after shipwreck are " flotsam" : if thrown out to lighten the ship " Jetsam" and if sunk and buoyed " ligan". If taken from the sea, origin unknown, they belong to the finder, if washed ashore usually the crown's unless there is a "grant of wreck"

All very practical in the days when someone's misfortune could result in a bonus for the local poor population, then we went and invented plastic.


Breydon estuary provides a natural collecting bowl for all sorts of F & J.  Dependant on tide and wind this litter, which emanates, partly from the Great Yarmouth industrial quay side, but predominantly from the Norfolk Broads holiday trade, can continuously go around in circles.  Once deposited on the surrounding salt marshes it provides a hazard to both the local fauna and flora as well as spoiling the natural environment.


As part of its annual management plan the Great Yarmouth Wildfowlers and Conservation Association have regular clean ups and burn the majority of this rubbish, preventing it spoiling the environment of the estuary.




Note: The GYWCA has only management responsibility for the Borough council part of the reserve and therefore other areas of the reserve may not get this attention.

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