Once more fine weather graced the 2011 schools day held at the Richard Grint conservation centre, Thurlton. The area was made ready by members with a couple of working parties and then on the day the GYWCA fully supported BASC and the Country Trust to provide an interactive experience of country activities.

This year the focus was "hands on" and on the GYWCA stand the children got to build hides, arrange decoys, blow duck and geese calls, interact with a Labrador and throw dummies and learn how cartridges are made. As they moved around the conservation area, they got to learn and relate to a number of stands including wildfowling punts, gamekeeping, deer and woodland management, ferreting, Gundog training, bird ringing, hawks and natural food chains, vole conservation, mink control, Broads authority , marsh working tools, reed tying and wildlife artistry.

Although tiring, the day was an agreed success. Everyone was thanked for giving their time and allowing the children to experience a little of the countryside not normally available. As for the helpers, it was noted what excellent venison burgers were provided for lunch, a worthy reward!


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