When Harold Grint lost his son Russell he turned part of his land opposite his house in to a conservation area in memory of him. When Harold died he left 26 acres of land to BASC in his will along with a sum of £10,000. BASC in turn both wanted the land to be managed & used so they put it out to tender. Several local wildfowling clubs in the area put management plans together to see who would be successful in their bid.

NDWA were the first club to get the lease on the land however they told BASC they would not use the money left by Mr Grint. Over a period of time interest in the up keep of the land and work that needed doing faded and NDWA informed BASC they would no longer lease the land,

The GYWCA took it on under a 10 year lease and would use the money for the opening of the drains and ponds and general management, the Association pays a small amount of money to lease the land which goes back into the fund from which the money was taken. The area of land has seen a vast improvement since coming under GYWCA and several members attend work parties on the site and in addition assist Simon Reinhold with the BASC schools day on the site. The Broads Authority are also constructing a walk way around the Russell Grint conservation area and the GYWCA are currently in talks with BASC around developing a public educational centre.


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